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CapGenic Provides Access to Capital, Identifies and Executes Growth Strategies

CapGenic is a company dedicated to helping clients succeed in the marketplace. We excel in merger and acquisition intermediation, corporate development, alliance building and capital formation, with a focus on analysis, formulation, refinement, and implementation of successful business strategies. Our team of consultants—all of whom are highly qualified and possess extensive experience—act as business strategists and financial advisors to our select clients. We distinguish ourselves from other firms by providing partner-level participation in each project at affordable prices. CapGenic has an extensive history of success.

CapGenic has worked extensively with major institutional investors as well as their clients, bringing a perspective that balances operational realities with financial needs. Our people are particularly skilled at building relationships, both with our clients and their partners, and delivering measurable results.

Key Markets

Our clients are companies that are developing aggressively, executing strategic and operational plans. They benefit from management and strategic augmentation, and require capital formation or guidance as well as market development and increased sales.

  • Biotech & Life Sciences
  • Intellison
  • Postgraduate Institute for Medicine
  • Protedyne
  • Synova Healthcare